Low Self-Esteem

Does you relate to these statements?

I judge myself harshly for how I look and act

I never feel that anything I do is ever “good enough”

I have a hard time being kind or forgiving towards myself

I beat myself up for not being productive

I feel worthless and like I don’t deserve good things

I find myself second-guessing the decisions I make

I doubt myself and my ability to be successful

I’m constantly  comparing myself to others and feeling “less than” as a result

I don't believe people who give me compliments

I have a hard time telling people "no", and often find myself committed to things I don’t want to do as a result

I question the security of my relationships and wonder how long they’re going to last

Self-Esteem image

I know it may seem impossible, but I can help you feel better about yourself.

These are the steps we'll take to improve your self-esteem:


Step One:

Develop an awareness of the experiences that have contributed to your negative beliefs about yourself. Learn how to let go of these negative thinking patterns and recognize your strengths and accomplishments.

Step Two:

Explore the relationship between low self-esteem and guilt and shame. Gain an understanding of how to manage these feelings by practicing self-compassion.

Step Three:

Overcome passive-aggressive tendencies that damage relationships and self-esteem. Improve your ability to demonstrate self-respect by setting boundaries using assertive communication techniques.

You can improve your relationship with yourself and others.  I’d like to help.


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