Life Transitions

The following changes are both opportunities for growth and out biggest sources of stress:

Education: starting school, switching schools, and navigating life post graduation

Employment: starting a new job, changes in work responsibilities, adjusting to a promotion, loss of a job​

Relationships: starting a new relationship, navigating changes in a relationship, or dealing with the loss of a relationship- this includes romantic relationships, friendships, and relationships with family members


Health: coming to terms with and adapting to a new physical or mental health diagnosis

Housing: moving to a new home or neighborhood


Change is hard- but it doesn't have to be THIS hard.

Here's how I can help you manage your emotions and expectations surrounding life transitions:


Step One:

Explore the ways this change is impacting your life and identify the emotions it's bringing up for you.

Step Two:

Learn how to deal with the stress, sadness, loss, anger, fear, or anxiety this change is causing using healthy coping skills.

Step Three:

Feel empowered to deal with future life transitions by applying the new skills you learned in therapy.

This overwhelming feeling doesn't have to last.

I can help you navigate your life transitions. 


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